Family of Seven Loses Home in Sebastian County Fire

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A Sebastian County house is now unlivable after it caught fire Wednesday afternoon, although the family made it out safely.

Firefighters were called to a home on Howard Hill Road in the Jenny Lind community in southern Sebastian County after the house caught fire.

The call came in around 4:15 p.m., according to firefighters on the scene. White Bluff, Jenny Lind and EMP Volunteer Fire Departments responded. The fire was put out within a couple of hours.

Thurmissa Flores lived in the home. She called 911 once the home's electrical fire sparked.

One of the firefighters on the scene had to be called off due to the extreme heat.

"Probably anywhere from 110 to 120 (degrees) with the fire burning as hot as it was," said Chief Jim Almond with the White Bluff-Rye Hill Fire Department.

Flores has five children who are home schooled, and with no home to teach her kids in, she said she's unsure of where to go from here.

"All we heard was the smoke alarm and I opened the door and it was black. And then the windows busted," said Flores.

Flores said she was able to salvage a Bible and a picture out of her daughter’s bedroom. She said she's upset but thankful her family made it out alive.

Flores was renting the home. She said the home did not have insurance.

The electrical fire appeared to have started in the back of the home, according to a firefighter on scene. The house sustained severe damage.