5NEWS Fit: Make the Most of Your Indoor Workouts

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Temperatures in the 90s can make exercising outside downright dangerous. So if you're thinking of taking your workout inside, you may be able to improve your results.

Fitness trainer Melissa Levy does less running outside these days. She says high temperatures can bring on exhaustion and dehydration and a little air-conditioning is a safer bet.

Taking your workout inside also cuts your chances of skin cancer because you`re protected from the sun`s harmful rays.

But how do you make the adjustment?

Levy says hitting the treadmill or stair stepper isn't quite the same as exercising outdoors.

“It`s definitely harder to workout outside there`s uneven ground, you`re gonna hit hills,” she said.

But you can get the same or even better health benefits by doing a little tweaking.

“You`re working 100 percent, giving it your all then back off,” she said. “Maybe a jog about 1 minute then take it back up then bring it back down, you`re going to repeat doing that about 30 minutes.”

Of course, keep up healthy eating habits like eating lots of fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated.