Scott County and FEMA Assess Damage

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Scott County is in need of funding to rebuild a levee near Y City, where a deadly flood occurred.

Scott County Sheriff Cody Carpenter and Arkansas Game and Fish Officer Joel Campora were killed while trying to save two women from a flooded home in May. All four died after being swept away in the flood waters.

“If the people that can help us fix this don't get their boots on the ground down here and get this fixed there's going to be more public damage," said Judge James Forbes.

Forbes said those who live near the levee in Y City are on edge when it rains.

"Over the last week we've had a lot of thunderstorms down here,” said Forbes. “I will have imagined that there has been a lot of people that have lost sleep."

Forbes said the levee construction funding is at about $1,000,000. He said he's confident his county will receive the funding and will continue to push for it.

Those impacted by the flooding said with no FEMA assistance they were forced to rely on donations to pick up the pieces of their lives.

"The county, the judge, the neighbors, friends from all over the state, I mean they said were here to help," said Betty Singleton.

Betty and Lee Singleton lived in a mobile home when the flooding tore through the county. The couple now lives with their grandson as they continue to rebuild.

“There's people still trying to get into their home but due to all the donations and everything it made a difference," said Lee Singleton.

"I wasn't prepared for the devastation when we came back,” said Betty Singleton. “I mean there was absolutely nothing left, everything was mud. It was just a shock."

As Scott County picks up the pieces, Forbes said his biggest concern for the county is fixing the levee, especially before severe weather strikes again. Forbes said he plans to meet with FEMA again next week.