BLOG: AR Ranks as “Goody Two Shoes” State

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It seems the state of Arkansas really is known for its southern hospitality, full of yes ma’am, no sir, please, and thank you. That’s the word at least from a poll released from Marchex Institute. At the beginning of the year, Marchex’s data and research team took a look at more than half a million phone calls placed in the previous 12 months. These were calls made by customers to a variety of different businesses–anything from car dealerships, cable companies, pest control centers, and more. The researchers scanned for curse words, and then ranked each state accordingly. Neither Arkansas or Oklahoma fell into the “Top 5 Categories” for rudeness or cursing, however, their rankings are pretty clear.

In the Category of Cursing, states fell into one of three categories: “Goody Two Shoes,” “Occasionally Profane,” or “Sailors.”

Arkansas: “Goody Two Shoes”
Oklahoma: “Sailors”

In the Category of Politeness, states fell into one of the following categories: “Very Courteous,” “Usually Courteous,” or “Not Courteous.”

Arkansas: “Very Courteous”
Oklahoma: “Not Courteous”