Arkansas Practice Update: Defense

With nine days until kickoff against Louisiana Lafayette, the Arkansas defense updates us on fall practice.

Defensive line coach Charlie Partridge

  • Lafayette has a lot of good players on the team and present a dynamic offense
  • Lafayette is better than what people believe, ranked higher than Hogs


Linebackers coach Randy Shannon

  • Not looking to Lafayette, says eight days left and a lot can happen


Defensive end Trey Flowers

  • Players excited for game week, need to go back and focus on installs and execute properly
  • Have been really practicing hard to get used to fast pace offense


Defensive tackle Robert Thomas

  • Playing 1-0 not taking Lafayette lightly
  • Have a great plan for Lafayette and just have to go out and play
  • Confidence is high, ready to play


Linebacker Jarrett Lake

  • Playing all the positions has helped all of the defense
  • Lafayette QB could be a good challenge but scout QB is doing well
  • Not dwelling on last year but first game is first test to prove they can handle mobile QB

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