BLOG: The $1,000 Shirt


It’s still hot outside. However, many families have been stocking up on back to school clothes, and it won’t be long before the tank tops and shorts of summer are replaced with fall’s long sleeves and sweaters. Fashion designers and retail stores are displaying the upcoming season’s clothes.

At J.Crew, you will find a shirt more expensive than your monthly car payment or maybe even your mortgage. We’re talking about the 1-thousand-dollar shirt. To be exact, this Embellished Popover top is priced at $998. Add tax, and this garment will set you over $1k.

What makes it so expensive? The product details on J.Crew’s website state, “Our in-house beading specialist’s vision for the embellishment of this design required more than 35,000 crystals, sequins, beads and paillettes. Each one was carefully applied by hand, a meticulous process that took more than three days to complete. Finished with hand-sewn silk embroidery, it’s truly a have-forever favorite.”

By the way, all sizes of this shirt are currently backordered.

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