BLOG: High Heels Can Curb Spending Habits

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Women may just think those stilettos are a fashion accessory, but a new study from Brigham Young University reveals it may alter more than just height, but spending habits.

The study found people wearing high heels didn’t buy the most expensive item nor the least expensive, but rather a balance of the two–call it best bang for their buck. The study finds this may be in direct correlation to the balance they are currently undertaking by their shoe choice that day.

In the five studies conducted (in sampling size of 60 to 150 people) the people practicing balance skills based on their shoes also balanced their purchases on a printer based on speed and ease of set-up. The sample group chose the middle printer.

The authors’ conclusions? Want to save money, make sure you’re doing some sort of balancing act already.

The entire article where the information came from can be found: here.