Ammonia Leak Empties Tyson Plant in Rogers

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An ammonia leak in a Tyson Foods facility caused the plant to be evacuated and a precautionary “protection in place” order to be issued by the city’s fire department.

Fire department personnel responded to the facility at 400 West Olrich St. at approximately 8:15 p.m. Officials said a safety pressure valve released due to a build up of pressure, causing the leak.

Neighbors complained of the smell of ammonia.

Rogers Fire Chief Tom Jenkins said the order, which asks residents to stay inside, was issued for the Northeast part of Rogers because officials wanted to “err of the side of caution” and the amount of ammonia released never reached a dangerous level. The ammonia leak occurred inside a Tyson building but the gas dispersed outside eventually, Jenkins said.

“The concentration wasn’t enough to cause any problems,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins said four people went in private vehicles to Mercy Hospital in Rogers after the leak and were not treated or seen by fire department personnel.