Dynamic Duo Emerges In Arkansas Backfield

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Jonathan Williams and Alex Collins each had more than 130 yards on the ground against Louisiana Lafayette. The last duo to top the 100-yard rushing mark in the same game was Darren McFadden and Felix Jones in 2007.

“It’s very crazy,” said Williams. “It’s been only one week and we have to forget about that. That was last week and if we come out this weekend and only put up 30 yards a piece then nobody is going to care about what happened last week. We got to take it one week at a time.”

With Williams’ physicality and Collins’ shiftiness, the Razorbacks have a versatile one-two-punch in the backfield.

“They both bring certain things to the table that maybe one doesn’t bring,” said Center Travis Swanson. “Jonathan is that real hard ground pound worker and Alex may have that little edge on him, speed and quick cuts and what not.”

Moving forward in the season, a successful rushing attack will be essential to opening up the pass.

“Any time you can get a bunch of yards running the ball and winning on first and second down that’s going to suck up the defense and be that much more susceptible to play action passes and things,” said Quarterback Brandon Allen. “If they are going to worry about the run a lot more, it is going to open things for the pass.”

It is not all about the running backs or the balance on offense. You have to give credit to the big guys up front who make it all possible.

“They are really the key points in any offense,” said Allen. “The whole offense runs through them. All of the holes are opened up by them. All of the protection in the passing game is by them. They should deserve all of the credit when the offense finds success.”

All eyes will be on Collins and Williams this weekend and they are ready for it. The duo wants to show that last Saturday’s performance was no fluke.