High Car Boot Cost Gets Booted

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The Fayetteville City Council voted 8-0 to force booting companies to charge no more than $40 to remove a boot from someone’s car in the Dickson Street Entertainment District Tuesday (Sept. 3).

Mayor Lioneld Jordan said the city receives complaints about the price of the fee. Before today’s vote, it cost drivers more than $100 to remove a boot when they over stay their paid time.

An employee from Hawkeye Parking Enforcement, based in Dallas, TX, said she and another female employee work the private lots. She said they would lose their jobs if the ordinance was passed.Booting2

Alderman Mark Kinion moved to amend the booting ordinance to change the fee to up to $60 rather than $40. However, the motion died after it didn’t get a second.

The city didn’t have the authority to enforce prices on booting companies until a state law was passed recently.

Kayla Moore, 24, visits the Entertainment District often. She said the difference in parking lot policies are difficult for drivers to understand.

“They don’t know if they need to pay, or if they are going to get a boot, or if they’re going to get towed or a ticket,” Moore said. “It’s confusing.

There’s a difference between parking on a private lot and a public lot. When drivers park without paying at a public lot, the penalty is a $15 ticket. However, parking at a private lot without paying can get drivers’ cars booted or towed.