Speeding Along Road Scares Sallisaw Family

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A Sallisaw mother is nervous for her family. Motorists are traveling at dangerous speeds in front of her home on North Maple Street, action that she's afraid could turn the area into a death trap.

"Eighteen-wheelers---they are my biggest concern,” said Shelby Campbell.  "If they were to go off the road and up in my house, my children's bedroom windows are right there."

Campbell said she's even posted signs asking speeding drivers to slow down. She said motorist are going up to 75-miles per hour in a 25 miles per hour zone.

"It's scary, but I’ve seen a few trucks fly by here, and I could feel the wind on them from the porch," said Deagan Dwier, another family member in the home.

The family said motorists in the area have even damaged their property, and they’re nervous someone may get killed.

"If an 18-wheeler truck comes in, it will probably kill me," said Dwier.

Sallisaw Police Chief Shaloa Edwards said speeding in the area is no joke and, officers are monitoring North Maple Street.

"Warning people that we're going to be up there working and issuing citations, and when we can't be there, we try to put a vehicle in the close proximity to the area in order to make people believe that we are there," said Edwards.

Although help is on the way, emotions still continue to rise.

"Angry, very angry because I have asked for help to slow this down over and over again," said Campbell

Edwards said plans to beef up security are underway. The family said some people have even died on the road within the past few years because of the speeding.