Springdale Police Search for Graffiti Vandals

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Springdale detectives search for the group tagging "Savage Locos X 3" on about a dozen walls. Some buildings have the short hand "SL X3" and neighbors said they are upset at the constant graffiti pop-ups.

"Just about every day you see it all around town," said Jack Gragg who's lived in area targeted for about three years. "It's just a bunch of kids with nothing to do."

Police received 11 reports of graffiti on Sept 6-7. The Criminal Investigation Division is handling the case.

The reports are all in the same area. The streets tagged are Linda, Crutcher, Charles, Applegate, Park, Caudle, Water and Success Streets.

Gragg said he believes the root of the problem comes from Savage Street.

"'S' stands for Savage, named after the street in Springdale, 'L' stands for Locos, the 'X' is for Roman numeral 10 and the 3 would be for 13," Gragg said.

Park Street had the most tags. Four spots ranging from abandoned buildings to an apartment complex had graffiti.

Lacrisha Luna lives in one apartment complex targeted. She said she doesn't like it and thinks surveillance cameras should be installed.

"We have light poles and I think they need to put cameras there to watch over here," Luna said.

Luna has two small boys who are often outside. She said she thinks about their safety.

"It's scary especially having little kids that come out and play," Luna said.

There are walls where the city or neighbors repeatedly painted over the same letters. Gragg said he calls the police when he sees a new one appear.

"I've called them many times over and I'll call them again and again," Gragg said. "I'd like to catch one of them in the act."

If anyone has any information, you are asked to call the Northwest Arkansas Crime-stoppers at 790-TIPS.

Police said graffiti is a misdemeanor. However, it can be a felony if there's a significant amount.