Lawmakers Discuss Increase in Teacher’s Health Insurance Premiums

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Arkansas lawmakers are meeting this week to discuss minimizing a huge increase in health insurance premiums for teachers across the state.

As it stands now, teachers will see a 50 percent increase in premiums regardless of what plan they are on. The change, set to begin in January, will affect about 47,000 teachers.

But if lawmakers can agree on a short or long-term fix, Governor Mike Beebe says he wouldn’t mind calling for a special session so something can be done before that date.

“You spend your time trying to see if the majority of the general assembly can agree on solving the problem and if they can do that, then you can call one and get one done in three days,” the governor said.

A Fayetteville school district spokesperson says if a teacher is paying a premium of $1,000, they would see an increase of up to $600.