Local Doctor From Syria Fears For Family Amid Talks Of Attack

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A Fort Smith doctor who was born in Syria and has family there said he doesn't believe the United Sates should attack. He said he fears for his family's safety.

"It`s a disaster of the 21st century," said Dr. Louay Nassri.

Nassri came to the U.S. in 1967. Forty-six years later, he said he is alarmed for the safety of his family back home in the midst of ongoing tension between Syria and the U.S.

“I have two brothers sitting right in Damascus now...and they have children,” Nassri said.

As plans develop for possible military action in Syria, Nassri said it's not only a matter of chemical weapons being in his home country that alarms him.

"Chemical weapons killed 14,000 Syrians," said Nassri. "Four hundred of them were children. That`s what everybody`s talking about---what about the other 100,000 people that were killed with tactical weapons? Is that OK?'

Nassri said an immediate end to the violence in Syria is what his family needs, but does not think the United States military should attack Syria.

“This should be leadership. I`m sorry to say, but I don`t see leadership in this government,” said Nassri.

Nassri said putting boots on the ground in Syria is not the answer, saying it would be more harmful than helpful.

President Barack Obama addressed the nation Tuesday night in a televised speech, in which he stated the U.S. will attempt diplomatic solutions before considering any military engagement. Read that 5NEWS story here.