Trio Tricks Clerks into Handing Over Money

Police in both Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley are asking for your help to catch a trio of crooks.

They’re looking for a woman and two men who they believe are working with together to rip off store clerks. The suspects work as a team to distract the clerk by speaking in a foreign language and gesturing at money in the register, then tricking the clerk into handing it over to them, according to police.

The suspects pretend to give it back but instead sneak a large sum into the woman’s purse.

“Within one day, we’re talking from 3:06 p.m. until 7:30 p.m., $4,000 in cash between Fort Smith, Fayetteville and Ft. Gibson, Oklahoma,” Sgt. Daniel Grubbs said.

If you have any information call the Fort Smith Crime Stoppers tip line at (479) 78-CRIME.


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