Future Of One Bella Vista Golf Course Grim After August Flood

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The Bella Vista Property Owner’s Association met Thursday (Sept. 12) to discuss how much they’ll have to spend to make repairs from August Floods.

The total amount of damage to golf courses and other amenities added up to $1.8 million.

“We  have our RV Park which is estimated at over $100,000 to repair it, we have one of our Country Club golf course pump stations that`s going to cost about $400,000 to $500,000,” said Tommy Bailey, POA President and General Manager.

Benton County is receiving FEMA assistance to make repair flood damage.

The Bella Vista POA doesn’t qualify for FEMA assistance since it’s a private community and will have to use 30 percent of the association's reserve money, according to Bailey.

“We have never been eligible for FEMA outside of water company and our water company did sustain small damage, about $50,000 we may turn in something there,” added Bailey.

The Branchwood golf course sustained about $600,000 in damage, which accounts for a third of the total damage.

“We got it completely closed off, it’s actually dangerous. We don’t even walkers down in there, the cart paths was all washed out and the irrigation system was all washed out . It’s truly a hole back there and we don’t want anyone back there,” said Bailey.

The POA board is discussing whether to make repairs to the Branchwood course at all.

Bailey said they've spent almost $500,000over the last five years in creek bed stabilization in Bella Vista to prevent flooding.

There's not a lot they can do if heavy rain comes, because some of the area is in flood zones, according Casey Crittenden, Golf Course Maintenance Manager.

“I really don`t think there`s anything you can do to prevent that kind of rainfall, you just kind have to grit your teeth and hope you come out on the other end of it,” said Crittenden.

Eighty-percent of the amenities are now re-opened, but it could be awhile before all repairs are made.

“There’s different sections of each golf course that will probably take a year or so to get those back in shape,” said Crittenden.