Bikes Blues & BBQ Volunteers Prep for Rally

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Bikes, Blues and BBQ organizers met with volunteers Sunday (Sept. 15) at the Washington County Fairgrounds to plan for the four-day rally.

Every volunteer has a role in the three locations where there will be events: Baum Stadium, Dickson Street and the Washington County Fairgrounds.

Robert Shoptaw, from Bella Vista, takes off a week from work for the past six years to volunteer.

"It's probably the hardest work you'll ever do for free," Shoptaw said. "We do all the set up, the rally and then we do the clean up afterwards."

Diane Hagerty closes her accounting office to volunteer. This is the third year volunteering.

"I work in Fayetteville, my office is downtown," Hagerty said. "It gives me a chance to give everything back to the community and give them four days of my life every year."

Bikes, Blues and Barbeque is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and Coleson Burns, event director, said the volunteer meeting is crucial for a successful rally.

"You never know what to expect until it actually gets here so what we are doing is everything we can to prepare on the front end and roll with it when it gets here," Burns said.

Hundreds of volunteers are the backbone of the rally.

"Without the volunteers Bikes, Blues and BBQ wouldn't be where it is today," Burns said.

The Fayetteville Police Department will decide when to close off Dickson Street for only bikers and pedestrians when officers see it's necessary.

The rally is from Sept. 18-21.