Food Stamp Benefits to be Reduced in Oklahoma

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Hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans who receive food benefits are being urged to prepare for cuts.

Money earmarked for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) from the federal government’s 2009 economic stimulus plan will run out at the end of October.

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services announced Wednesday that Oklahomans who use the program will see a decrease in their benefits beginning Nov. 1. About $5 billion in funding is being cut from the program, which to a $66 million loss for Oklahomans.

At that time, DHS said the average Oklahoman using SNAP will only receive about $1.40 per meal, per day. That’s the equivalent of a family of four losing 21 meals per month.

Nearly 630,000 Oklahomans received SNAP benefits in August.

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