Cousins Face Eachother In Har-Ber-Southside Rivalry Game


Har-Ber Senior Kanten Pullen and Southside Senior Caleb Vance are more than just rivals, they are cousins. So for them Friday night’s game was not only about the rivalry between the two schools, it was also for family bragging rights.

“We have always been really competitive,” said Vance. “He’s always been into baseball and I’ve always been into football and he started playing football and now it’s going to just be a really good rivalry.”

“There’s always going do be a competitive edge,” said Pullen. “With us both being seniors this year and playing head to head and what happened last year in the playoffs is going to heighten that a little bit I think.”

During most game weeks there is a lot of conversation between the two players, but this one has been a little different.

“I haven’t really talked to him at all,” said Vance. “He texts me on Friday nights and we always say good luck to each other, but now I want all of the luck for me.”

“When ever we are not playing I text him before every game and tell him I love him and good luck,” said Pullen. “This week is definitely different. The family thing goes out of the window until the final buzzer goes off.”

Competition between the cousins can even be seen during the holidays at family gatherings.

“There’s always a football game going on,” said Carrie Vance. “There’s nine grandsons, so there’s always either a football game, or a basketball game, or Frisbee game or something for them to compete at.”

“We always have a Thanksgiving football game or basketball game,” said Vance. “We always go against each other and try and be very competitive and see who is better.”

Tonight may have been the final time Kanten and Caleb played against each other on the football field, but if they do meet in the playoffs this year.

“It’s probably going to be no contact and a lot of seriousness until the end of it and who ever wins is going to have bragging rights for the rest of the year,” said Pullen.