Bentonville School Dist. Superintendent Addresses New High School

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The passing of a recent millage increase in Benton County has left many questions for the future of Bentonville High School and how the students will decide where to attend.

Bentonville Superintendent Michael Poore sat down with 5NEWS Managing Editor Larry Henry on 5NEWS Sunday Morning to discuss the changes Bentonville will see when the new Centerton high school opens in fall 2016.

A debate that played a factor into Bentonville’s first failed millage vote in June 2012 was that some said adding a second high school could dilute a “football powerhouse” from Bentonville High School.

The 7A Bentonville Tigers have won three state championships in 2001, 2008, and 2010.

Poore addressed this concern saying, “If you look back at our history, some of our state championships began with a size much smaller than what we’ll see at Centerton.”  He went on to say the school’s expectations will be maintained to Bentonville’s current standard of excellence.

The Bentonville School Board is working to decide school boundaries for the new high school.  Superintendent Poore said he’s also recommended to the board that the new Centerton High School only be open to freshmen and sophomores.

Poore says the final decisions on the new high school plans for students will be announced in fall 2015.

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