Gas Prices Fall in the River Valley

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For the first time in a long time, you can find gas for less than three dollars in the River Valley.

"The fact that it's at $2.97 right now I'm happy with it,” said William Ohm.

Some Oklahoma motorists said they even travel across state lines for cheaper fuel.

"It's just kind of different when you go to Arkansas,” said Jetsun Pickett.  “You see three dollars over here and sometimes you can see two dollars and it's like wow."

As gas prices drop, sales are going up.

"Gas prices drop, people buy more things,” said Eric Brown.

Although some people in the area say gas prices are going down, some motorist rely on other means of transportation to get around because of high gas prices.

"The truck takes 80 bucks to fill up, the motorcycle I can fill up for ten bucks and go the same range," said Andy Bolin.

Bolin said he drives his motorcycle to save at the pump when traveling long distances.

"In my job, I cover the state of Arkansas so I may be in Jonesboro today and Texarkana tomorrow,” said Bolin.

Motorist paying $3.17 at the garrison point gas station in Fort Smith said they enjoy the lower costs but they're ready to see prices drop even farther.

"What I keep my eye on is prices of gas,” said Fred McCormick, “I have to keep my vehicle running and it's not easy for me."

Statewide gas prices have dropped more than seven cents gallon over the past week.