Rogers Police Seek Armed Robbery Suspects

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Police are seeking two suspects in an armed robbery at a Rogers Family Dollar on Friday (Sept. 20). The suspects held two employees at gunpoint in the store at 1900 S. 1St. on Sept. 19 and stole $60 and an employee's cellphone, police said.

Police said the suspects are "of undetermined race" and left the scene on foot.

Dave's Autobody is located across the street from the targeted business. Shop manager and estimator David Foust said he had no idea the Family Dollar had been robbed. However, he said it's not the first time.

"I'm not surprised, it's happened before," Foust said. "It's nothing new for us."

The car shop has alarms and Foust said employees always lock the doors when they leave. However, he said he's not worried if an armed robber plans to visit the shop.

"We're all supporters of the second amendment," Foust said. "Most of us carry a weapon every day."

Rogers police officer Keith Foster said the suspect approached one of the employees in the back of the Family Dollar store.

"They were wearing a mask, took him back up front, they brandished a weapon and got money out of the cash register," Foster said.

Foster said there might have been a couple of customers inside at the time of the robbery.

"They'll go back and re-interview the people, try to get every bit of information as they can about it," Foster said.

Detectives don't have a good description of the suspects making it challenging to track them down.

"Right now it's good old fashion detective work to try to go through and determine what exactly happened and track down who it was," Foster said.

The employees at Family Dollar declined to comment and Foster said police don't have surveillance video.

If anyone has any information, they are asked to call the Rogers Police Department or Northwest Arkansas Crimestoppers at 790-TIPS.