Northwest Arkansas Community Experiencing Rapid Growth

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Construction cones along Highway 102 in Centerton, a sign of growth as the road expands from two to five lanes.

Centerton Mayor Bill Edwards said the city has grown 433 percent in ten years, adding 1,000 people every year.

“We do know that we are getting a new liquor store there was a liquor license approved near the White Oak in Centerton, we are also getting a new Medical center,” said Edwards.

Major projects are popping up, including a 41,000 thousand square foot Walmart Neighborhood Market to be built off Greenhouse Road.  The new store is expected to add 95 jobs.

Construction is expected to begin in 2014 with the opening in the Fall of 2014.

Last week voters approved a millage increase for a second high school to relieve overcrowding in the Bentonville High School.

The school will be built in Centerton on Gamble Road, its capacity is estimated to be about 2,250 students.

“I personally have several builders that were waiting to see if the vote got passed, they have been looking for lots in Benton County but they are now focused on the Centerton and surrounding areas,” said Clayton Bradford, Property Manager at Bridges Realty.

Rental properties have been hot for two years with no current vacancies, said Bradford.

He said home sales are through the roof and believes those who foreclosed on homes years ago are back in the housing market.

“After three years they’re still on your record but you can purchase a home again, so 2013 we saw those people that were affected in 2008 and 2009, they can start buying again,” said Bradford.

Edwards said with growth, comes more need.

“We’ve been actually gradually adding to our Fire Department and our police department, we currently have a volunteer fire department but we`ve been adding to our staff during the day,” said Edwards.

The Bentonville Fire Department plans to build a station on Southwest I street that will serve parts of Centerton.