Garrett’s Blog: Razorback Stadium & Rain


***Update… Latest computer models and satellite imagery indicate the potential for rain from around 3pm into the evening hours. No severe weather is expected but there could be lighting in the area which would delay the game. Rain is still expected to occur for the game on Saturday.

Currently, rain appears most likely for the 2nd half of the game. I thought I would share some of the weather policies of the NCAA and University of Arkansas.

  • In the event of thunderstorms or severe weather,¬†emergency instructions will be delivered via the public address system and the message boards advising fans to take shelter.
  • SEC Lightning Policy. “When lightning is detected within a minimum of 10 miles of the competition site, home team game management shall utilize the public address system to inform those in attendance that inclement weather, including lightning is within 10 (or more) miles and that should patrons vacate the facility for safe shelter, they will be allowed to re-enter with a ticket stub.When lightning is detected within six (6) miles of the competition site, the competition shall be suspended. Competition may be resumed after 30 minutes of no detected¬†lightning strikes within a six-mile radius. A 10 minute warm-up period may be granted following this 30-minute suspension.”
  • Umbrellas are prohibited, as are personal heaters in case you’re curious.
  • Carried rain gear, blankets, or coats ARE allowed.

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