Fayetteville Police Officer Dragged 130 Feet After Attempting to Make Arrest

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A Fayetteville police officer suffered injuries to his knees after trying to stop a vehicle on Dickson Street. According to an arrest report, Officer Tim Shepard noticed an Oldsmobile because the radio was loud and then recognized the driver as Melvin Sims, who has a suspended license.

Shepard tried to stop the vehicle by reaching into the passenger’s side window. The arrest report then states that Shepard’s feet were lifted off the ground. He was carried about 130 feet before falling from the car.

The suspect sped away, according to the report. Sims was later located and arrested by Officer Moore. The passenger of the vehicle, Leon Rucker, was also arrested.

According to the police report, Rucker admitted he was aware Officer Shepard was trying to stop the vehicle. Rucker also told Officer Moore he was not concerned with Officer Shepard’s safety, only with getting away.