Razorback Fans Turn Out Despite Soggy Start

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Rain didn't keep Hog fans from packing the Donald Reynolds Razorback football stadium. Some students camped out since Thursday (Sep. 26th) to get front row seats in the student section.

Conner Ahrendsen, a sophomore, who was second in line, said he is really excited, “I’m hoping they win.”

“Everyone tells me I’m crazy and ask me why I do it and I can’t really answer that.” Ahrendson adds “ I can’t think of a rational answer.”

The combination of a pizza diet and no sleep got the campers through three days of staying outside the gates of the stadium.

Freshman Kristen Chapel described her sleep while camping out, “Barely, barely, concrete is pretty uncomfortable but it’s been a lot of fun, so worth it.”

Kjartam Kennedy, a senior, feels everybody is energetic said, “it’s the first big game of the year, first big challenge.”

Some fans sported their windbreakers in honor of Coach Bret Bielema. Masters student Tanner Burge said. “He calls it superstition but it’s definitely a big fashion station in the stadium now.”

Tanner Burge said “this may be the last time A&M will play in Fayetteville in the next 10 years so we’re all excited to get this kind of once in a lifetime opportunity”

Kjartam Kennedy who painted his body says, “Why the body paint? Because we’re stoked, we’re ready to get hyped up, to beat Texas A&M.”

Ahrendson said it has been time well spent to get the best seats, “I’m just going to run and try to get my spot, be in the front row, front and center, hopefully”

Students brought in ponchos since umbrellas were not allowed in the football stadium.