Nearly $3 Million in Guard Wages Lost Due to Shutdown

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The Arkansas National Guard released a look at the current impact the federal government shutdown is taking on members Friday (Oct. 4).

Furloughed dual-status military technicians (Guardsmen) – 738
Furloughed state employees – 294
Total furloughed – 1032
Furlough impact per week – $839,560 in lost wages.

The drill weekend training slated for the first weekend of October was also cancelled resulting in millions of lost wages.

Army National Guard per month drill impact – $2.2 million in lost wages.
Air National Guard per month drill impact – $783,400 in lost wages.
Total per month drill impact – $2,983,400 in lost wages.

The effects are felt by members across the state.

“Guardsmen live in every county in Arkansas; no corner of the state is untouched by the impact on the Guard,” said Major Matt Snead, Arkansas National Guard State Public Affairs Officer. “Guardsmen are not only Soldiers and Airmen; they are Arkansans, too.“

Since September 11, 2001, the Arkansas National Guard has deployed over 13,000 Soldiers and Airmen to Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as responding to more than 300 emergencies in the United States.

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  • Mark Smith

    Are the wages “lost?” Or will they be retro paid? I’ve heard it is the later. This needs to be claified and if they indeed will be paid retroactively, then the Major should be brought up on charges of dereliction of duty by providing inaccurate information.

    I understand cash flow will make things very difficult but it’s about time something was done to counter the Community organizer from Chicago. Wake up America. Our healthcare is about to be run by the IRS!

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