BLOG: Backward, Juggling Marathon Runner

Running a marathon is one thing. Running it backward is another. Add juggling to the mix and then you get 32-year-old Joe Salter. Salter, who is from Florida, set a new fastest time for the feat.
In September, Salter ran the Quad Cities Marathon in Iowa in just under six hours.
He writes this on YouTube:

New World Record for:
(First and Fastest Person to Run a Marathon Backwards while Juggling).

Distance: 26.2 miles

Finish Time: 5hrs 51min 25sec

Drops: First 23 miles, No drops. 2 Drops during last 2.5 miles of race (Darn Street Holes Caught me Foot)

Where: 16th Annual Quad Cities Marathon in
(Moline, IL; Rock Island, IL; Bettendorf, IA; Davenport, IA)

Special Thanks to Donnie Miller, Joe Moreno, Nicholas Sacco, Curtis/Soung Young and Big Bird for their super teamwork and for having “my back” with this world record attempt!

Music: “Intro” by The xx
“Shuriken” by Madeon

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