Family Uses Emergency Plan To Vacate During House Fire

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It was a breakfast like no other for the Keas family.

The Fayetteville Fire Department responded to a fire at the Keas home at 2950 Strawberry Lane around 8 a.m. on Monday (Oct. 14).

"I was cooking breakfast and stepped away for a second and my kid said 'Mommy,

Mommy, there's a fire'," Cheri Keas said. "So, I thought maybe it was a grease fire and I stepped into the laundry room, which is close, to get our fire extinguisher because I was just going to take care of it and when I opened the laundry room door there was just a whole wall of flames."

The fire was an electrical fire that started in the laundry room, according to Mauro Campos, a battalion chief with the fire department. It quickly spread into the attic and garage.

A neighbor said that someone visiting her told her about the fire.

"He said he heard a boom and yelled the house down there is on fire and you could see the flames coming out in the garage area pretty fast," Michelle Jones said.

Keas was home with four of her children. She said that her family has emergency plans to get out of the house and her kids knew what to do. No one was injured.

"As soon as we stepped out into the front yard, we could see the garage was just engulfed in flames and they were shooting out the windows," she said.

Firefighters had to resuscitate at least three animals that they found in the home. However, one kitten did not survive.

The Keas family said they have friends and family helping them and the American Red Cross showed up to the scene.