$500K Months-Long BBQ Competition Ends In Bentonville

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A months-long national barbeque competition involving dozens of championship teams and half-a-million dollars in prize money made its last stop Saturday in Bentonville.

The Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour spanned 31 cities in various states over the last nine months, ending in Northwest Arkansas with 50 teams competing for the top prize. By the time the barbecue smoke cleared at the Sam’s Club home office Saturday, $500,000 in prize money had been taken home by competitors during the tour, according to organizers.

The final day featured $150,000 in prize money, with $50,000 being awarded to the grand champion.

Starts of the TV show “Duck Dynasty” even showed up to cheer on the teams, as Willie and Kay Roberton met with fans who had shown up to the competition.

The national tour began in January. Organizers said the event is scheduled to be back next year for a fourth tour.