Spoon Rings Are One of Many Handcrafts at War Eagle

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Owen Floan Jr., 84, is one of 250 exhibitors at the War Eagle Fair. He started making rings out of spoons by accident. Floan said his wife's spoon fell into the garbage disposal and damaged it.

"So, I used a handle and made her a ring," Floan said. "She wore it to school and the art teacher saw and said 'my what a beautiful ring.'"

He was invited to a fair in Texas and that's what started his hobby in 1965. Floan traveled to Benton County from Farmington, Missouri.

Carrie Howrey lives in Rogers and she visited Floan with her 7-year old daughter Loren.

"All year we've been looking for silverware at Flea Markets to bring back to him to make and he's going to make one for my daughter," Howrey said.

Howrey said making a ring for her daughter has a special meaning.

"It's really cute, she's going to enjoy it," Howrey said.

There are three fairs that make up the War Eagle Fall Arts and Craft Fair: War Eagle Fair, War Eagle Mill Craft and Culinary Fair and Sharp's Show in War Eagle.

"They are all within walking distance but credit where credit is due there are three groups of people who work very hard all year long," said Katie Templin, War Eagle Fair Board member.

There's everything from clothing to jewelry and things for the kitchen. At War Eagle Fair, vendors go through a jury process under strict rules.

"All of the items that you can find here are handmade so we try really hard to ensure that actually happens," Templin said.

For Floan, he's been part of the War Eagle Fair for about five years and hopes to be back next year.

"I enjoy it, I'm doing something that nobody has ever seen anybody do," Floan said.

Admission is free and parking cost $2.