McDonald’s Team of the Week: Lincoln Wolves

The McDonald’s Team of the Week has shown, perhaps, the best turn around in the state over the years. From 2006 to 2008 Lincoln lost 29 straight game. Six years later, they’ve already won more games than last year. Brad Harris took over the Wolves in the 2008 season when this group of seniors was in 7th grade. Humiliated then, playoff bound now.

“Everybody playing has been together since 7th grade,” said senior linebacker Colton Barnum. “It’s our last year together. We want to make the best of it and make it back to the playoffs.”

“As the years have gone on, this class has been the closest out of all of them,” said senior linebacker Michael Drain. “That’s the main focus for our success.”

Lincoln is 6-1 and in second place in the 4A-1.

“It’s a good feeling, we are making history,” said senior center Ryan Raible. “Our games, we have the biggest blowout in school history. We’re going to go to the playoffs for the third time in school history. It’s a good thing to do for the community.”

Lincoln took No. 5 Prairie Grove deep into the fourth quarter a few weeks ago. Now, suddenly Lincoln is a threat to every team in their conference.

“To go from an 0-10 team to your sixth year 6-1 and taking the No. 1 team in the conference to a 19-10 ball game in the fourth quarter, we have a chance to compete,” said head coach Brad Harris. “That’s the biggest thing we emphasize to these guys, being competitive every Friday night. We feel like we’re at that point in this program where we can play with most any team in our conference now.”