BLOG: Unique Excuses For Calling In Sick

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Have you ever taken a “mental health day?” An article in Forbes released a new study conducted by CareerBuilder which found 32% of professional adults called in sick when they actually were not.

The survey found some very unique excuses including:

  • One employee said he couldn’t make it to work because his false teeth flew out the window while driving down the highway.
  • One coworker said she bit her tongue and couldn’t talk.
  • One worker claimed he got lost on his way in and ended up in another state.
  • One employee said she just couldn’t decide what to wear that day.
  • One employee said she received a threatening phone call from the electric company and needed to report it to the FBI.
  • Another worker said he couldn’t make it in because a swarm of bees surrounded his car.

CareerBuilder also categorized the most common reasons employees take a sick day finding:

  • They just don’t feel like going. (33%)
  • They felt like they needed to relax . (28%)
  • They had a doctor’s appointment. (24%)
  • They wanted to catch up on sleep. (19%)
  • They had errands to do. (14%)