Heritage Helmet Sticker Honors Beloved Coach

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The Heritage high school football team is wearing a decal on the back of its helmets this season to honor Martina Peacock, the wife of former head coach Ronnie Peacock. Miss Martina passed away in April from breast cancer, but impacted many lives during her time coaching and teaching at Heritage High School.

"It just fills me with life," said Martina's daughter Dru Wiser. "It is unbelievably touching."

"It really hit me hard when I heard that and I just think a lot of them for doing that and appreciate it a lot," said Martina's Brother Cam Prock.

The Helmet stickers have the numbers one, four, three on them, which means I love you.

"143 means I love you," said Martina's Husband Ronnie Peacock. "Martina and I started that. Actually it was Martina's idea, but we started it back in college."

"It's something that goes farther than my mom and dad," said Wiser. "My husband and I use it. It's in my e-mail. Just everybody who is close to our family who went to mom's celebration knows what 143 means and it is spreading like wild fire."

It is that same love the Heritage coaching staff wants their players to feel from them.

"I tell them every day who loves you and they say Coach E," said Heritage Head Football Coach Perry Escalante. "It is one of those things. I write 143 instead of saying I love you on the marker board when we are leaving messages."

Those three numbers are just one way to pay tribute to a woman who made a difference in so many lives.

"She was just a good person that cared about people and had a passion for a lot of different things and a passion for life," said Prock.

"She was really strong willed and knew what she wanted," said Peacock. "It was the best 43 years of my life."