Suspect Arrested In Attempted Apartment Break-In

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A Springdale man was arrested Friday after allegedly trying to break into a unit at Brookhaven Apartments, according to arrest documents.

Justin Tiecke, 32, was arrested on suspicion of felony residential burglary and theft of property. He was released Saturday from the Washington County Detention Center on $3,500 bond, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

The alleged victim called police Oct. 14 to report that she saw a man pushing on and trying to open her bedroom window at a unit of the apartment complex, according to a preliminary report from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

“He was walking to the window. He pushed the window up, and he saw me and stopped,” she told police. “So I walked into my apartment.”

The woman picked Tiecke out of a police photo lineup. When detectives interviewed him Oct. 25, he denied doing anything wrong. Tiecke was released from questioning and later arrested after police obtained an arrest warrant, according to the preliminary report.