National Cat Day 2013 (Photos)

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Do you have an adorable cat? Today is National Cat Day, and we want to see your fluffy felines!

National Cat Day was founded in 2005 to recognize the need to find homes for shelter animals. If you’re looking for your own furry friend, check out the Sebastian County Humane Society.

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  • He's our cutie pie.... He was so named because we heard little children calling to him & some of them couldn't say kitty cat...

  • Found her when she was a couple months old. Don't know what the family would do without her now.

  • gizmo another stray we have taken in as our own

  • Alley in the front is our newest kitten. He's about six month old. Lucy is nearly three

  • Toby

  • My 10 year old cat AC.

  • My Christmas Scarf

  • Luna

  • This is Eazy. The most handsome cat.

  • Roadie

  • His favorite place to just hang out and watch the birds.....

  • And this is Kingston. The second most handsome cat.

  • Our 9 month old kitty waiting for her lunch!

  • Wompus and Tails just can't stay out of this dollhouse long enough for me to work on it. If they see me go anywhere near it the jump inside. Guess I might have to find a new

  • would not know what to do without our cats

  • when we moved into these apts, she was here, so i started feeding her,, took 2 months to be able to pet her,,:)I just call her momma kitty,,

  • Blue Kleck

  • Callie looks like she has come alive from the pillow she is on.

  • @5NEWSKatie's kitties, Zoey & Lola!

  • Burmese kittens in Sallisaw, Ok..born 10/7/13

  • the look of trouble

  • Adopted almost a year ago and he's the very best.

  • Jackson

  • He's my pretty rescue kitty..

  • Gracie, office cat, working hard!

  • TWIX Chick family

  • Pink Kleck

  • Boomer 5 Months Old

  • my cat playing peekaboo

  • My cat Angel

  • Sissy Kleck

  • Trixie 8 Years Old

  • Our RaggaMuffin. He's 3 years old.

  • left to right zeus lilian and wiskers

  • No she's Not Pregnant :)

  • Blackie - is he a kitty or an alien? lol

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