Dad Arrested In School Bus Altercation Speaks Out

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Officers arrested a Pea Ridge man Wednesday after they say he illegally entered a school bus and confronted a pre-teen boy about stealing money from his daughter.

Lance Ferguson was arrested on suspicion of third-degree assault, unauthorized entry of a school bus and false imprisonment. All potential charges are misdemeanors. He was released Wednesday morning from the Benton County Jail on $995 bond, according to the Benton County Sheriff’s Office.

The suspect told 5NEWS the incident was blown out of proportion, and he was just trying to stop the boy from stealing nickels and dimes from his daughter.

"I think it's ridiculous. I only took a couple of steps up there, looked over the railing and asked the boy for his phone number," Ferguson said. "Next thing I know, I'm being handcuffed in front of my children."

The driver of school bus #23 reported that on Oct. 24, Ferguson entered his bus without permission and started talking to a 12-year-old boy from the front of the bus. The boy left his seat and is seen on video talking back to Ferguson, according to a probable cause affidavit filed in Benton County District Court.

The driver was unable to continue his route during the exchange, and the children were, in effect, held against their will for three minutes during the conversation, according to the probable cause affidavit. Ferguson ended up leaving, and the bus continued its route, the report states.

There were 12 students and one driver on the bus at the time.

Pea Ridge Police Chief Tim Ledbetter said Ferguson should have taken other measures to solve the problem between the boy and his daughter.

"Proper chains were not followed. The behavior demonstrated was not acceptable in today's society," Ledbetter said.

The school district’s transportation director contacted Pea Ridge police and reported the incident. After detectives talked to witnesses and viewed video, an arrest warrant was issued for Ferguson. The suspect was later located and arrested.

ferguson mugshot


  • bullyingcaresnot

    I just saw the guy on the interview. Seems this 12 year old boy bullied the mans daughter in the 1st grade and stole her money. Where was the bus driver and the school when THIS was going on? There is always more to these stories than the press reveals like a father protecting his child and goes to jail for it.

  • mike

    If the bus driver done his job or the school the
    Girls dad wouldn’t have to he dobe the right thing
    To many kids are bullied to death

  • AGT C

    I agree with all four of you guys.I honestly believe the little girl was bullied and school officials are to busy on facebook to care.

  • dumptruckdriver69

    We live in a world of double standards. You can’t bully anyone, yet you can’t defend your family against bullies.

  • Parent

    I understand defending his daughter, completely, but if they make an exception this time for this incident, then that opens the door for other people to take matters into their own hands. And some parents could take it too far. Also, understand the concern with him entering the bus, as there have been many school bus hijackings the last couple of years, even locally. Yes, that is how it could’ve been handled when we were young, but the world is this is not then, and the world is not the same anymore. People as a whole have the ability to be more dangerous.

    • Lissy

      maybe the cops were okay to be called out and check on stuff but for him to get arrested is just to far. Yes the father should have taken a diffrent approach, and its easy to speak when you are not the parent of the child being bullied. Everyone loses thier grip when they are mad.

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