Scott County Officials Remember Deadly Flood While Prepping For Rain

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Scott County has been pounded in recent months by flash flooding. Now the area is preparing for heavy rain, just five months after two officials in the county died from flash flooding.

Shovel by shovel, sandbags filled up as the rain came down Wednesday.  Flood waters slammed  parts of the county in May, destroying a levee and personal property, but more tragically, Arkansas wildlife officer Joel Campora and Sheriff Cody Carpenter.

"Tensions pretty high this evening," said Mike Shaddon.

Shaddon and his son found Carpenter’s body. He said it is a day he will never forget.

"With the drifts and the piles of debris so high, we didn't know if the bodies would even be found,” he said. "We were relieved in a sense, but it was a trauma."

Scott County Judge James Forbes said he has 4,000 sandbags to be distributed throughout the county.

Forbes said there are "not enough sandbags in the state" to completely protect the county from weather damage.

“Sandbags aren't going to keep you from being flooded," he said. "It may keep water out of your structures."

Forbes said he has had little government assistance since the deadly flood.

"It's very frustrating, to say the least, that we are in such need and I have to fight so hard to get the help we should be getting," he said.

Forbes said he has a meeting set up with federal emergency management officials on Friday.

Forbes also said if residents are in need of sandbags, they can call 911 or stop by the Scott County Courthouse.