Alma Utilizing Two-Quarterback System

Using two quarterbacks was not the plan at the beginning of the season for Alma, but now it is. And it’s a huge reason why the Airedales offense has been so successful. Sophomore Alex Beneaux and Junior Evan Burris each have different styles of play, which has made it hard for opposing defenses to stop them.

“It is a lot of fun knowing that they are mixed up on a lot of plays,” said Burris. “They just do not know what to do when one of us is in there most of the time.”

“Once we are out on the field they have to recognize who is in and what they are going to do,” said Beneaux. “They have to remember what they got to do and get ready for it.”

“You know as a defensive coordinator that is kind of a headache,” said Alma Head Coach Doug Loughridge. “You have the same guys on defense, but you have to prepare for a different kind of athlete.”

Alma’s offense is different depending on what guy is at quarterback. You have to prepare for a power running game with Evan and a finesse option game with Alex.

“Evan is a blue collar guy,” said Loughridge. “He comes to work every day and does what it takes to make himself better. He is a strong runner. He is kind of like having a full back at quarterback. Alex is a taller, linkier athlete. He is a guy that when he gets into open space he can really get going.”

But just because each quarterback has a different style, that does not mean the offense loses any momentum.

“I think we both have momentum, because we both know what we are doing,” said Beneaux. “We both have our teammates trust and they think we are going to do the right thing.”

“Coach Gunner just does a great job scripting the things that he wants to do and sees what the defense gives us and when he gets them in a certain situation he is able to plug the other quarterback in and try and take advantage of their alignment and things they do on that side of the ball,” said Loughridge.

The two signal callers take pride in their role on the football field.

“We both have fun and we just do whatever we can to help the team win,” said Beneaux.

“I think it is completely fine whatever it does to help the team out is what I am willing to do, so if that is what we have to do than that is fine with me,” said Burris.