Brenda’s Bigger Burger Property Has A New Owner

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The building that used to house Brenda's Bigger Burger has been sold, and the new owners says he may have similar plans for the nearly 50-year-old Fayetteville landmark.

Edward Hurley, owner of Huark Properties, LLC bought Brenda's Bigger Burger for about $250,000, according to a warranty deed in property records. The famous burger joint had closed in November 2012 after the family chose to shut the business' doors.

"Everybody from Fayetteville at some point has eaten here and loved it," Hurley said.

The new owner said he's trying to figure out what's next for the property.

For 47 years, Brenda's Bigger Burger was a city landmark. Today (Nov. 4) it stands vacant, but its new owner sees potential.

"MLK keeps getting business," Hurley said. "I really believe in south Fayetteville and an opportunity to own this corner, I just couldn't turn it down."

If Hurley decides to open up another burger restaurant, he can't use the same name in case the original owners want to re-open somewhere else.

"They don't mind if I name it something else 'Bigger Burger,' I thought about that," Hurley said. "One of my son's name is Hootie and so 'Hootie's Bigger Burger' I thought could be catchy."

Wallace Downs, who lives in Fayetteville, said he hopes it opens but would like to see variety in the menu.

"It would be good to get some diversity in there, and it's not great to have that same food over and over again," Downs said." Something new and fresh would improve that spot."

Antonio Garcia said he's eaten at Brenda's Bigger Burger and would like see that spot start business once again. However, he said, it would be hard to compete with the past.

"I don't think the recipe will be the same like when the original folks were there," Garcia said. "But he can try, give it a shot and see what happens."

Hurley said he understands it will be difficult to get the same taste.

"You can't duplicate it. It was a lot of years of experience, and a lot of hard work of the family," Hurley said. "I would probably do the best to match it."

Hurley said he hopes to make a decision by early 2014.