Early Voting Starts On Bond For WAC Expansion, New Park

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Voters in Fayetteville will soon decide whether to use the local hotel, motel, and restaurant tax money to fund projects like a new regional park and the Walton Arts Center expansion. Early voting starts Tuesday (Nov. 5) at the Washington County Courthouse.

The current WAC building is 22 years old and has had more than two million visitors throughout the years.

"Every year, we serve about 200,000 people, 50,000 students. That causes a significant wear and tear on our building in addition simply we need more space," said Beth Bobbitt, WAC public relations manager. "So this renovation proposes adding about 30,000 square feet of space."

If voters say "yes" to using the one penny tax on this expansion, it will help pay for $6.9 million of the $20 million dollar WAC renovation. The expansion is expected to be completed by 2016.

If voters don't approve the using the current tax for the projects, the hotel, motel, restaurant tax won't go away. The money will just go towards the city's Advertising and Promotion Commission.

The bond money would also partially fund a planned regional sports park in Fayetteville, putting $3.5 million toward the $27 million project.

Election Day is Nov. 12.

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