Deputy Takes Nude Photo of Inmate on The Job

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Authorities say 40-year-old  Celeste Wagoner has resigned after admitting to taking nude photos of an inmate and sneaking in contraband to the Sebastian County Detention Center.

When Wagoner was interviewed on October 9th, she confessed to bringing in cigarettes and shampoo to the inmate. However, the sheriffs office said it was not a trade for the topless photos.

5NEWS spoke to Wagoner, she said she wants to put all of this behind her. The sheriff's office said she admitted to having a friendship with the inmate.

Wagoner was arrested on October 15th for furnishing prohibited articles, a class B felony.

A neighbor of Wagoner, with a young daughter said this news alarms him.

"It's a little scary," said Freddie Holmes, "I knew she was a jailer, sheriff or something because I've seen her in her uniform. I never would have figured all that was happening."

Wagoner's supervisor has resigned. The name of the inmate who was photographed nude is not being released at this time.



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