Greenwood Kicks Its Way To The Top Seed In The 6A Playoffs

Nelson-to-Moore-to-Jones has proven to be a winning combination for Greenwood. The trio has teamed up for a pair of game-winning field goals the last two weeks. One against Southside, the other against Conway. It’s those two kicks that have helped secure the Bulldogs the top seed in the 6A state playoffs.

“It’s always a kicker’s dream to be able to kick the game-winning field goal, especially in a Southside and Conway game,” said Kicker Kevin Jones. “Both were huge games and I’m blessed to be able to do that.”

A lot was at stake in each of those games. A conference championship, playoff implications and the winning streak. But for Kevin, he had to perform under some additional pressure. That coming from being the head coach’s son.

“If I miss it, I feel like he is going to be disappointed in me and things like that, but he has told me over and over again that whether or not I make those field goals that he’s proud of me,” said Kevin Jones.

As for the head man, he says he didn’t slip into dad mode during those big plays.

“I didn’t really have a sense that it’s my son or anything like that,” said Head Coach Rick Jones. “He’s our kicker and we needed a kick. Afterward when it was all over it was a little bit of a different feeling thinking about the pressure he just endured and to do it two weeks in a row is really something exceptional.”

Talk about pressure. Greenwood tries to get the play off in 1.25 seconds, so there’s no margin for error. That means a lot of reps in practice.

“That snap has to be perfect and that hold has to be just on the tee, it’s so important,” said Kevin Jones.

“We do it every single day, so the more we practice it the less pressure I have on me, because I know we are going to do it right,” said Holder Baylee Moore.

“I get fifteen snaps every day after practice and ten PAT snaps,” said Snapper Michael Nelson. “I know Baylee will get it on the tee and Kevin I don’t know what it is about the leg, but he can kick it.”

Being able to execute in crucial situations has given the Bulldogs confidence that they can do it again the future.

“It makes it easier, because we know we have done it before and we know we can do it, but at the same time the nerves are always going to be the same,” said Moore.

“When we are faced in that position again they are going to remember back on the positive experience that they had,” said Rick Jones. “They are going to have confidence that they can go do it again and I think it’s a huge factor.”