Local Football Coach Has Court Date On DWI Arrest

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Hal Qualls, an assistant football coach at Rogers Heritage High School, is set to appear in Rogers District Court on Dec. 10 at 9 a.m. following a misdemeanor DWI arrest this month, records show.

Qualls, whose Twitter page lists him as the quarterbacks coach at the school, was arrested by Benton County Sheriff’s deputies on Nov. 2 after being after being stopped at 11 p.m. on West Pleasant Grove Road in Rogers, deputies said. His blood alcohol content level was .133, deputies said.

The school district confirmed on Monday (Nov. 11) that Qualls is still employed at the high school but would not say whether he has been suspended on otherwise disciplined.

Roger Hill, the district’s assistant superintendent for human resources, said he could not comment on personnel matters, but added, “We hold our employees to a very high standard.”


  • Jackson49

    This deserves a small line in a local newspaper—not TV and facebook coverage. Are there any adults on staff at KFSM?

  • shoog

    I hope the people who publish this stuff never let this happen in your lives. If so, i hope it is sent all over the radio, newspaper, etc.. It seems all that your generation does is try to bring someone down so that others can be built up. He wasn’t chasing after a fourteen year old. Next time you publishers drink and drive, it is no longer ‘if u get caught’, it is ‘when u get caught’.

    • Anonymous

      Someone from channel 5 did go through this and it was reported all over. In fact, channel 5 was the first to break the story. They released it on air on a Sunday evening broadcast, and by Monday morning it was all over every news station and radio station between the River Valley and Northwest Arkansas. As a teacher myself, I believe he should be punished by the school and the law (if he is indeed guilty). He is supposed to be a role model. I agree that teachers deserve to have a personal life, but they still need to be responsible and accountable for their actions.

  • hogfan

    He set a terrible example for all the young men he coaches. If this had been any other teacher besides a coach that teacher would not still be teaching.

  • bamaRT

    Have you people have NO sense of anything. He is an example for HIgh school students. They teach these kids NOT to drink and drive or text and drive. Hell yah put him out there and make him a public example. Shame on him, serious. His own child is the quarterback of the heritage high school football team. This is not o.k. nor does it look good on his son who is trying to represent his football team. There is just no reason or a good enough excuse for what he has done. He needs to receive full punishment what any other person would get.

  • imright urwrong

    careful you who rush to judgement, this man has yet to be convicted of any wrongdoing. being you begin brandishing him as a criminal, he is accused of violating a law. a traffic law to be exact, regulations and laws all of you pledge to obey when you become a licensed operate a motor vehicle. drivers who speed, not use turn signals, improperly change lanes, follow too close or drive ill maintained vehicles are all as dangerous as someone who drives impaired.
    want to make a real example for others to follow? want to make the

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