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You've heard of yoga and even hot yoga, but what about aerial yoga?

Crystal McPherson, owner of McP Hot Yoga Studio, is no stranger to poses, but she's taking on a new challenge with the popular workout.

"It makes it to where maybe someone couldn't possibly do a pose by themselves, well, they can now," McPherson said.

In aerial yoga, you're suspended in a swing.

"It works your core, your shoulders, your arms, and it is quite the workout," McPherson said.

Your first class is all about trusting the swing. You'll learn balance, how to become more flexible, and it will even strengthen your muscles for regular yoga, according to McPherson.

The swing helps you support yourself to work toward those advanced poses. McPherson said aerial yoga can even help you look taller over time.

"We tend to slouch and it helps you to sit, elongate the spine and get that length that's there that we just kind of lose over time," McPherson said.

At the end of every class, it's time for relaxation. With the lights dimmed and soft music playing, you'll wrap yourself in a cocoon and sway.

McPherson teaches aerial yoga, along with cadio yoga, hot yoga, and yoga body sculpt, in Springdale and Fort Smith. She said McP Hot Yoga Studio is the only location in the state that can certify people to train in aerial yoga.

You can find classes and other information on the studios by going to McPHotYogaStudio.com.

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