Sallisaw Police Chief Faces Future After Resignation

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Sallisaw Police Chief Shaloa Edwards entered office in 2005. Now he's packing up after announcing his resignation Thursday (Nov.7th) following an embezzlement investigation.

His retirement announcement came just a few days before he was set to appear in court on charges of stealing city money.

"I guess I shouldn't have done it," Edwards said.

Some questioned whether his resignation was as result of an agreement or plea.

"I was offered that they would do this if I chose to retire,” said Edwards. “I thought it through, prayed about it and chose that at the time, it would be best for the city of Sallisaw."

Edwards said being a police officer is in his blood.

"My dad was a police officer and I am a third and fourth generation police officer,” Edwards said. “Back in 1983, I decided I wanted to be a police officer."

As Edwards prepares to hang up the uniform and put away the badge, he said despite all the accusations, he has a long road ahead of him.

"I'm looking at different business ventures and things like that," Edwards said. "I've thought about maybe teaching school."

Edwards will collect just more $19,000 from the city as part of his resignation.

Despite reports against that idea and those who say Edwards should face charges, the members of the community are backing him.

"He's a good person, and it's his time to step down," said Genia Menas.

"I hate to see him go,” said Perry Trotter. "He's a good man, honest and hardworking."

Edwards will leave his post Nov. 30. Edwards said his replacement has not yet been selected.

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  • Mark Smith

    I think the whole thing indicates either a larger story (but I doubt 5news will pursue) or Good ol Boys throwing their weight around over a small issue. Either way, the City is the loser. Time for new City leadership???

  • hogfan

    Don’t know how old Edwards is….but he will have to spend 5 years (normal average) to obtain an education degree. Of course he would be able to substitute at a school on only a high school education degree. Good luck to him as he pursues his new endeavors.

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