Rebels Dedicate Playoff Run To Head Coach Jeff Williams

Longtime Pocahontas Coach Dave Williams, father of Southside Coach Jeff Williams, lost his battle with cancer Tuesday night. Dave coached the Redskins for 33 years, compiling more than 200 wins.

“He touched so many lives. He was such a great person,” said Assistant Coach Tadd Stewart. “When you met the guy, his enthusiasm was awesome. You just walked away thinking about what a great man he is.”

So to pay tribute to Coach Williams and his family Southside wore navy blue Friday night, the symbol for colon cancer.

“We have ribbons that we are going to put on our helmets,” said Stewart. “We have navy socks that we are going to wear. The coaching staff is going to wear navy pullovers in honor of the horrible disease and horrible battle his dad went through.”

Dealing with off-the-field distractions this week was hard for the Rebels, but they did their best to stay focused.

“Sometimes that gets into a lot of young men’s minds, because their attention span is not great and it’s just hard for them to focus,” said Stewart. “The kids there’s been a pep in their step and it’s been one of the better practices of the year.”

“It’s one of those deals where you come in the playoffs with that kind of problem and some people think we are going to do bad, but we will do pretty good,” said Running Back Quincey Whitfield.

For the players, dedicating Friday night’s game to their head man was exactly what they wanted to do.

“It’s definitely an inspiration to play for somebody else,” said Offensive Lineman William Jenner. “We have more motivation, something to play for.”

“We are trying to help Coach Williams,” said Linebacker Collin Moore. “He hadn’t been having the best of luck lately. I mean his life has been a rough path. We are playing for him. We are going to try and motivate him to the best of our abilities.”