Garrett’s Passion Keeps Family, Community Safe

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For more than a decade Garrett Lewis has been the face of weather in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley, but weather is only one part of Garrett’s life. Before he even gets to work every day, Garrett has already logged about six hours with his two-year-old son, Graham.

“Family is really important to my wife and I. She's a teacher, so we get the best of both worlds. Half of the day he's with me and the other half he's with my wife, Ashley. There are so many great things to do in our area if you're raising a family. We do swim lessons twice a week, paint, play at the park, or watch planes land at the airport,” said Garrett.

Growing up in the area gave Garrett a new perspective as he settled down to raise his family.

"Some of my best memories with my dad are going to Razorback basketball games. The year they won the national championship, back then, 540 wasn't built so we took the long curvy roads up the old 71; made for great conversations about life."

Garrett also serves on the board with the Benton County Advocacy Center, which works with kids who have been abused.

"I love working with the children's advocacy center because people here are helping hurt kids who are our neighbors. They see the bigger vision that when our community hurts, we heal, and together all succeed.”

As for work, Garrett admits it’s better than his first job.

"I wanted a car when I turned 16 and my mom and dad always taught us the value of hard work and responsibility. So I sold cotton candy at the rodeo to save money."

5NEWS Anchor Heather Lewis grew up with Garrett has her big brother. She says he used to throw the family in the hall during severe weather. It’s something he continues today only with a much larger family.

"I love the weather here. It's so dynamic and always changing. We get the best of all four seasons, sometimes all four seasons in one day!"