Strong Quarterback-Receiver Connection Important To Charleston’s Success

There’s no denying Charleston Quarterback Ty Storey shares a special connection with his senior receiving core. Chance Shelby, Austin Pittman and Colton Ward have caught a combined 121 passes for more than 1,600 yards and 22 touchdowns. Big numbers, yes. But the trio recognizes none of that would be made possible without their QB.

“When you have a quarterback like Ty that can throw it across the field and put it on the money all of the time it is easy on our part,” said Chance Shelby. “All we have to do is catch the football.”

“I trust every decision he makes in those situations,” said Austin Pittman. “Our play is to set receivers up and he knows his reads and what he needs to look at. Everything he does is for a reason.”

Storey’s strong relationship with his wideouts was not developed over night. It took time and hard work.

“I’ve gone to extra practices with him,” said Pittman. “I’ve caught extra passes with him and stuff like that to build that up.”

“It takes a lot of practice and a lot of time,” said Storey. “We have been here forever together it seems like. Growing up with these guys makes it easy.”

After years of practice and game time together, they have become so familiar with one another that verbal communication is not always necessary.

“He knows where I am going to be at,” said Shelby. “Whatever route I’m running he’s going to put it there and I know he is going to be there. It’s a lot of trusting each other.”

“Sometimes I can just look out there and I think we know what we are thinking together and they will just run exactly what I’m thinking,” said Storey. “I will put the ball on the money and they will make great catches.”

“Whenever he is going to hand it off I know when he is going to pull it and things like that,” said Pittman. “I guess it is an unspoken thing half the time on the field.”

Storey and his receivers may not say much on the football field, but that’s okay because they’ve let their actions do all the talking.