Sallisaw Woman Stole $80,000 From Elderly Woman, Police Say

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A Sallisaw woman is facing felony charges after police say she embezzled thousands of dollars from a 94-year-old woman.

Carol L. Wood was arrested by police, accused of embezzling more than $80,000 from Gladys Walters.

"It's an embezzlement case,” said Sallisaw Police Lt. Sandra Girdner.  “It’s cases we work all the time. This one just seemed to have a little twist to it."

Police said the investigation began in 2011, when the woman's bank account was coming up short while Wood had power of attorney over the account.

"There were three checks written to the Cherokee Casino," said Girdner.

Police said Roland School District Supt. Randy Wood is her husband.

Girdner said Carol Wood owns a local business and served as a nurse in Fort Smith for several years.

"People live and work their whole lives working and saving and everything---then somebody just comes in and takes it. That's not right," said neighbor Mona George.

Authorities said Wood was released from jail on $3,000 bond.

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  • hogfan

    Such a shame we don’t cut people’s hands off any longer for stealing. Wouldn’t be much of it going on, if the punishment were severe enough.

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